For the twentieth time Winter Olympic Games in Torino will unite not only athletes but also sport fans and supporters all over the world. During seventeen days of Olympiad, sport friends and enthusiasts in Latvia, too, will attentively follow most exciting moments of fortune or misfortune of athletes.

At Torino 2006 Games, Latvia will be represented by 58 athletes - the biggest delegation in our Olympic history - 23 hockey-players, 8 luge sledders, 10 bobsledders, 2 alpine skiers,  4 cross country skiers, 9 biathletes, 1 skeleton slider and 1 short track skater.

I am convinced that every one of them is full of determination to win, not to lose - as in sport the last word belongs to the athlete, regardless of the scientists' findings, medical experts' recommendations or coaches' instructions.

Being aware of the severe competition to be expected in Torino, I do wish a good success to every one and all the athletes together!

I do wish a lot of positive emotions and a good mood to our sport supporters and fans that are well known for their excellent team-work and encouraging attitude not only to our own athletes, sport friends but also rivals.

Thousands of people have invested in the organization of the Olympic Games. On behalf of the Latvian team I express our gratitude to the International Olympic Committee and the organizers of the Torino Olympic Games for this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the sportive and festive atmosphere in Italy!          

Good success!


Aldons Vrublevskis
Latvian Olympic Committee


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