Laipni lūgti Latvijas Olimpiskās komitejas oficiālajā mājaslapā par Latvijas Olimpisko delegāciju XXX Olimpiādes spēlēs Londonā!

Kontakti Londonā

Welcome to the Official website of the Latvian Olympic Committee for the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London

Let all of us have a good luck!

Aldons VrublevskisThe Olympic Games are welcoming world's best athletes in London already for the third time, still Latvian Olympians will compete in London for the first time – in year 1908 the state of Latvia was not yet created, while in year 1948 it was no more – Latvia returned at the Olympic Games after the World War II only in year 1992.

Latvian Olympic Team in London justly looks forward towards hopes for good results – in 12 sports 46 Latvian athletes will take their part, half of them making their Olympic debut in London, while a number already having mounted the Olympic, World and European Championships podiums before. The young and the experienced have seriously prepared for London during a number of years, led by experienced coaches and supported by state, sports organizations, sponsors and their fans.

Through less than a hundred years Latvian Olympians have won 20 gold, 40 silver and 20 bronze awards, while participating in the Olympic Games under flags of different states. We are hoping to enrich this collection in London as well, noting the fact, that the Games of the XXX Olympiad will see the participation of already the 500th Olympian from Latvia.

I would like to wish Olympic accomplishments to everyone having earned them and may the luck shine upon the strongest in these competitions of world's best athletes, among whom I would like to see ours, as well. Everyone, who participates in this struggle, who can overcome the doubts, moments of weakness and control oneself in such a responsible moment as is the Olympic Games, becomes a true Olympian.

Aldons Vrublevskis

President of the Latvian Olympic Committee

Download: PDF file with Latvia Olympic Team Media Guide!